Music & Brand Consultancy 

Do you ever wonder what's the best strategy to release your music? Or how you want your brand to look?

We focus on helping you develop a credible fan base by:

- Developing your brand image
- Adopting creative strategies
- Artist development
- Audience communication
- Showing you how to create consistency throughout your year

Marketing Strategy


Marketing is such an essential part of your promotional execution, so we at Social Architeks create tailor-made marketing strategies for each client we work with. We execute the best digital and gorilla marketing strategies to create the best content to match your story in your project. We understand that content is king and we're here to articulate your bespoke campaign to your desired target audience. 

Content Development 

In a digital world where content is king, we help you produce engaging content to help you attract and tap into the right fan base so you can develop consistency throughout your career.