Hi World!!!

My names Adedayo Adegbite-Sanusi (beautiful long name lol) and I am the founder of Social Architeks (SA). About me, I have been working in music, art, and branding for the past 9 years and I have worked for major labels such as universal music & at independent labels working with the likes of Donae’o, Shakka just to name a few. I then progressed explore more and that led me to some interesting PR companies, but as you read along you will realise I am an ENTREPUNER!!! 

I first created SA initially to promote club nights in 2013, but then I scrapped that idea because of the way the whole nightclub industry worked (Not For Me). I then developed a beautiful blog showcasing the things I liked, rather than the typical things people liked due to the hype. Then Instagram happened and I saw a wave of curators just like me, which then birthed the number one creative platform Art Meets Music!!! So SA took a pause and I focused on developing AMM as an event platform for the past 4 years, and boy has it been successful.

However, I have always had the urge to help the artist and help brands develop and market themselves well. So by Gods grace, I got a brand partnership role at Complex UK and that has allowed me to grow further as a curator. 

So now we’re here in 2018, a new journey and I will be showcasing what my vibes are about. I am a curator who believes in the process of execution. The idea of something is sexy and people are romantic with sooo many things and that annoys me. Let's get dirty and do what we planned on doing for 2018. In a nutshell, I have just given you a little look into my story and that's what I want many of you to do showcase your journey and don’t be afraid to speak your truth because people buy into you before they buy into what you do.